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  • 9,00 €

    And architectural curiosity. Perennial of the family umbelliferae. Surprising flowering strangely resembling that of hellebores: umbels of green jade pendant flowers fading old rose. Creepy cut green foliage. Fertile, well drained soil.

    9,00 €
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  • 7,50 €

    Beautiful shrubby plant with upright habit and rapid growth. Wide deeply toothed leaves blue-gray. Long vertical clusters of red-brown flowers. Very fertile soil, sandy, dry fresh, well drained in full sun.

    7,50 €
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  • 5,00 €

    Resulting from the mountains of japan, it mitella that resembles tiarella form a compact clump. Rare variegated foliage form cream. Greenish pink flowers followed curious seeds. Good ground cover dombre. Soil humus, fresh.

    5,00 €
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  • 4,50 €

    A white bee balm which forms clumps slender beautiful aromatic foliage, deciduous, toothed. Pure white flowers with ruffled petals grouped around a green heart. Any good ground drained and fresh.

    4,50 €
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  • 8,00 €

    Remarkable for its multicolored red orange and yellow foliage green late summer, this perennial dombre blooms in early spring. Small greenish-white flowers with heart-like brown to bergenia.

    8,00 €
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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items