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  • 7,00 €

    Small evergreen shrub columnar. The small leaves are reminiscent shrub heath. Floriferous: small solitary flowers, white tubular lextrémité branches. Good garden soil, drained, drought resistant. Easy to grow.

    7,00 €
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  • 55,00 €

    Shrub native to japan evergreen, glossy. To be installed indoors or in the garden in the company of nandina domestica to bring an exotic touch. White umbels followed by small black fruit. Essential in floral art. Humus soil, drainage.

    55,00 €
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  • 40,00 €

    Beautiful mutation fatsia japonica. Beautiful and bright evergreen, planking and splashed white. Globular umbels of white flowers followed by black berries. Humus soil, drainage.

    40,00 €
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  • 20,00 €

    A tree with golden foliage pheasants (void). Drooping clusters of white and purple flowers, followed by red berries and dark black when ripe. Nice lighting effect or solid hedge. Rapid growth. Any good garden soil.

    20,00 €
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  • 6,50 €

    Small evergreen shrub native of glazed china. Interesting for its long winter flowering. Small white flowers heady fragrance followed by red berries. Erected to form a tuft massive, low hedge, pots. Drained soil, humus, dry fees.

    6,50 €
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  • 15,00 €

    Shrub or small tree exotic taiwanese dallure. Large deciduous palmate leaves. Port parasol. Grows fast suckers. Cluster pendant clusters of small white flowers pompoms. Drained soil, humus.

    15,00 €
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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items